What Warranty Do You Get with Warm Front Heating & Insulation Measures?


Grants for boilers Uk is providing you free grants and you can also get a new grant on your old one. And there are different warranties available on it. If you are thinking of applying for the free grants or if you applied then maybe you are thinking about what warranty you will get from heating and insulation grants. For your kind information, we would like to tell you that it depends on the grants which you are availing. If we talk about a free boiler so that the free boiler comes with a 2-years warranty period and you can also extend it with extra cost for this you have to confirm with your installer. When we talk about free storage heaters then the warm front UK will provide you 2 years warranty on free storage heaters here you can also extend it with extra cost if you want. When it comes to free insulation then you will get a 25 years warranty on free insulation grants. This is the best warranty on free insulation. You can get this on the grants for boilers UK site if you qualify all the criteria then you can get this. And when we talk about central heating grants, you will get 2 years warranty on the central heating grants, and whenever you want you can extend it with extra cost. if you qualify then you can easily get these all grants on the grants for boilers UK site. And we only paid on successful grants so we always give our best.


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