What to do to get free heat pumps in Scotland?


In Scotland, the Scottish Government offers a number of schemes to help homeowners and businesses access free or subsidized heat pumps like –

  1. Home Energy Scotland Loan, which offers interest-free loans of up to £17,500 to homeowners in Scotland to help them install a renewable heating system, including heat pumps.
  2. Renewable Heat Incentive ( RHI ), which is a UK – wide scheme that offers payments to homeowners who install renewable heating systems, including free heat pumps, and is open to both domestic and non – domestic users.
  3. Green Homes Grant, which offers vouchers of up to £5,000 to help cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements, including heat pumps.
  4. Local Authority Grants that help homeowners install renewable heating systems.

It’s worth noting that while these schemes can help to offset the cost of installing a heat pump, they may not cover the full cost. You should also consider the ongoing maintenance and running costs of a heat pump before deciding to install one.

For more information, please visit: https://warmfront.uk/

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